About Us

“Fluoroelastomers” LLC. is a trading and engineering company, which has been successfully working in rubber processing business for more than 12 years.

We currently supply Russian market with fluoroelastomers (FKM), chemicals for rubber compounds and equipment for rubber processing (compression and injection presses, mixing and laboratory equipment for rubbers, etc.)

We provide technical support to companies in building “turnkey” production lines. We also support them with starting-up, adjustment and service of the supplied equipment, consult on rubber processing optimization from recipes to technical parameters adjustment.

“Fluoroelastomers” LLC. is official representative of Pan Stone –Taiwanese leading rubber molding machines Producer Company – in Russian Federation and CIS countries. We can supply and maintain injection molding presses, compression presses, transfer injection presses, punch machines and laboratory presses and other rubber processing and peripheral equipment.


“Fluoroelastomers” LLC. is official representative of company WSM – the Taiwanese leading producer of rubber tilt type mixers – in Russian Federation and CIS countries. We can provide and maintain any quantity of equipment – from a separate unit (rubber mixer, mills…, extruder, etc.) to a turnkey rubber mixing production chain.


“Fluoroelastomers” LLC was founded upon the company RIAS which has been successfully working in the Russian market for 20 years. It is based on the professional experience and skills of the specialists who had worked with fluoroelastomers for over than 40 years. The company leaders chose as the main business direction to supply local rubber parts producers with high quality fluoroelastomers and rubber compound chemicals: new modern curing agents and special developed chemicals for FKM (Ca (OH) 2, MgO, processing additives etc.)

As we cooperate directly to raw materials producers without intermediate parties, we can offer the best low prices for the whole range of raw materials. At the same time we realize that besides low prices high quality is primary important for our customers. Therefore, every batch of raw materials is thoroughly tested with modern ISO certified laboratory equipment and additionally at our partners’ plants. Only after all the tests result positive we recommend the products to our customers.

Our staff has great experience in fluoroelastomers industry – over than 40 years of science work in Rubber Research Institute. Thanks to our company’s own researches and original developments, we can provide professional support and recommendations on selecting the type of gum, curing system, processing method and composing a recipe.

Choosing us you choose:

  • comprehensive way of solving  your problem
  • high quality and stability warranty
  • reliable supplier
  • low costs
  • professional technological support

We can supply our products any way you prefer to all regions of Russian Federation and CIS countries.